[RELEASE] SaveChicago Fall Line Drops

[RELEASE] SaveChicago Fall Line Drops

Leaders has always been a purveyor of hard work, perseverance and positivity here in Chicago and for the latest release we teamed up with the city's youth for our #SavChicago series which is a nod to the city's ability to get through hard times and past negativity. This time around we also teamed up again with Taylor Bennett who along with big brother Chance has been a consistent voice in the #SaveChicago campaign along with his father and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Having raised money for foundations like "Kids Off The Block" and Donda's House in the past and pushed to help curb the violence in his hometown. Currently preparing to drop his third project, Broad Shoulders, he got together with Brooklyn Wheeler for some this season's look book. Pick up the full line here.


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