Dr. Ben Crazy

Dr. Ben Crazy

Our mission is about coming to grips with knowing that we as a community have to support each other. Our subconscious minds have always identified the problem and thought someone should do something about it; problem we soon realized was we were "somebody".  And, that it was time to do something about it. With collective force, stretching from genres from fashion to film we set our quest out for homeland and humanity.  We want to reinforce the morality of clean running water for children who are presently within a border worse off than the children presently arrested and detained for trying to get in it. This apparel designed for the film has great significance connected with the altruism of the plot and mention of Flint, Michigan and its current state of affairs with not having clean running water.  A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of these items will go toward and benefit children in a specific community within Flint Michigan. We are but a puddle in a vast ocean of possibilities to hydrate and quench our own with a well of humility that should have cups continually spilling over. We presently spend $1.2 trillion dollars and own less than 3% of it. 

And, it's BEN CRAZY

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