MISSION STATEMENT: Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become...

Leaders 1354 is an online brand, retail store, and epicenter of Chicago streetwear culture. We specialize in mentoring children, teens, as well as adults in fashion, art, music and entertainment. Whether it be music, art, photography, acting, or designing, we believe that everyone should strive to lead their own path with creativity & individuality.

We sell apparel, hats, shoes, and other lifestyle products for the consumer that understands the importance of being a Leader, being educated, knowing what you want and going after it. 

The Leaders 1354 story was created in 2002 at 1354 E. 53rd Street, the Historical Hyde Park neighborhood, where our vision of selling conscious customers an item that they identified with also became an opportunity to mentor community youth and give them a place to hang out & share ideas.  

Where the brand name did not matter but the message was everything!

Although over the years Leaders 1354 has attracted the support of many Chicago natives such as Chance The Rapper, Anthony Davis, Dwyane Wade, B.J The Chicago Kid, and Chief Keef, we still believe that our true fans are those that wear our products because of what it means to them and not to anyone else. 

Lead Never Follow

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